Reasons Why CPAP Nasal Pillows Are Better

When it comes to CPAP therapy, you have many choices in terms of choosing between CPAP full-face masks and CPAP nasal pillows. Needless to say, your choice between the two will depend on your personal preferences and medical needs. Nonetheless, you might find that nasal pillows are better especially when you consider the following benefits.

Minimalist Design
With their minimalist designs, CPAP nasal pillows appeal to most sleep apnea sufferers precisely because they have lesser material to deal with. After all, sleeping should be a time when you have lesser baggage on your person! Plus, you won’t look like an alien who landed beside your partner in the middle of the night. With the added emotional stress that sleep apnea can bring to a marriage, you definitely don’t want your vanity, or what’s left of it during sleep, to say goodbye for good.

Less Weight
And because a nasal pillow contains lesser material, it is to be expected that it is lighter, too. Just imagine how easier it will be carrying it with you on your travels and wearing it in your sleep. Without a doubt, you can have more freedom of movement while sleeping when you are using nasal pillows.

Clear Field of Vision
CPAP nasal pillows are ideal for two types of sleep apnea sufferers – first, those who are claustrophobic and, second, those who like to engage in their normal bedtime activities. With a full-face mask, your sense of claustrophobia becomes heightened precisely because it encloses most of your face. Maybe instead of breathing more easily, you might even hyperventilate at the thought of an enclosed space right in your face. In contrast, CPAP nasal pillows allow for more liberty in enjoying bedtime activities like reading books, watching television and talking with your partner. Your field of vision is clear and you can be heard clearly, too, because the nasal pillow only covers your nostrils, not most of your face. Sleep Health

Lesser Skin Irritations
Since a full-face mask covers almost the whole face, you are more prone to skin irritations and allergies. You have to look out for painful pressure points, which can be very difficult to deal with in addition to your sleep apnea. Now, contrast that with a nasal pillow that fits only over your nose. You will have lesser problems with skin irritations and allergies, which can only be good for you. Who wants added expenses for dermatologist visits, anyway? Definitely not you who may be burdened with sleep apnea costs as it is! And then there’s also the matter of full-face masks leaking air into your eyes that the leads to dry albeit teary eyes. It might sound contradictory, yes, but it’s painful, nonetheless. With CPAP nasal pillows, this problem is often avoided.

In closing, it bears repeating that the choice between CPAP full-face masks and CPAP nasal pillows must be based on your personal preferences and medical needs. You might have to experiment with various CPAP masks and pillows before you can find the right one for you.

It’s a quest that will be worth it when you start to enjoy a good night’s sleep and wake up more refreshed and ready to take on the day, sleep apnea notwithstanding.

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