Information About The PMP Certification Exam

I have found out that PMP has gotten more and more popular, so as the PMP certification exam. But, what is PMP? To those who haven’t encountered this name, it means Project Management Professional. The PMP certification exam tests those individuals if they are knowledgeable and skillful enough to be called Project Management Professional. It checks their abilities related to project management if they are fit for the job on managing projects.

There has been a survey that most large companies and industries such as Citibank and Microsoft are using project management! If you are going to take the exam and passed it, the title that will be given to you gives you greater advantage than others to get hired in much larger organizations and corporations.

So, want to know what’s in this exam? Well, this certification exam is an online exam. But even though it is online, you can only take it to places accredited by the PMI or Project Management Institute.

The exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions but only 175 are scored because the remaining 25, which are called the “pre-test questions”, are already tested. You might feel happy about this but these pretest questions are distributed throughout the whole exam, so it will be difficult for you to identify.

The PMP certification exam has 6 categories, namely: quiz

– Initiating
– Planning
– Executing
– Controlling
– Closing
– Professional responsibility

The categories planning, executing and controlling is focused in the exam, for these are the most important skills of a project manager. These skills are the main function of a project manager in an organization.

Each of these categories is graded according to percentage. Here is their division:

– Initiating: 8%
– Planning: 23%
– Executing: 23%
– Controlling: 23%
– Closing: 7%
– Professional responsibility: 14%

In passing the exam, it is required for you to attain at least 68.5% or answer 137 questions during the exam.

All exams has time limit, so as the PMP exam. In this examination, you are given 4 hours only to complete all 200 questions. I can assure you that this exam is a difficult exam. Most questions are upsetting because it gives you a hard time to choose the best answer, but, there is also some where you could easily give the correct answer.

It is very important that you should always keep tract on time. Make sure that you have answered most of it before the time runs out. However, you are already training yourself on how to manage your time wisely. In project management, being time-conscious is very essential.

Even though that you are having a headache with the exam, there is also a comforting one. Because the exam is done online, you could immediately see the results of your answers. If it where written, you would have waited for days to get it. It would have been dreadful days, getting very nervous what had come out during the exam. At least, as soon as you get your results online, you could immediately decide what is needed to do about it.

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