Betting preseason football is a lot different than regular season football

. The methods used to handicap regular season NFL games do not work most of the time when used to handicap a preseason game. Let’s take a look at what things you should look at when handicapping NFL preseason football.

One thing you must know is the coaches. Some coaches do not care whether their team wins or loses in the preseason. Their objective is to evaluate the talent level all the way to the very last roster spot. Then there are coaches who are trying to instill a winning attitude in their team and they will put an emphasis on winning the preseason games. Obviously, you have a good betting situation if you can find a coach trying to win going against a coach who is more interested in seeing what his third- and fourth-stringers can do. 7M ผลบอลสด

Also, do not pay too much attention to the starters. In the preseason, the starters will be out of the game well before the outcome is decided. Starters generally only play a quarter or two, if at all. Most coaches view the second-to-last preseason game as the “dress rehearsal” for the regular season. In that case, the starters may play up to three quarters. In any case, the starters will usually not decide a preseason game.

Pay attention to what the coaches say. This only holds true in the preseason. Read the team’s local paper or team website to find out what the coach’s plan is for the game. It is important to find out who will be on the field in the fourth quarter when the game will likely be decided.

Make sure you know what the quarterback rotation will be for each team. You could find an advantageous position where a veteran quarterback will be playing in the second half against third- and fourth-string defensive backs. On the other hand, a rookie quarterback playing in the second half is a disadvantage to you. Many times, the rookie quarterback is trying to learn the offense and is also not used to playing against the speed of NFL defenders.

Try to find good situations to back a team. For example, you may come across a game where one coach is planning to play his first and second string for most of the game, while the opposing coach is planning to play mostly third and fourth stringers. Also, look for teams that have started 0-2 straight up and are playing their third preseason game at home, especially when the coach has taken some criticism for the team’s poor start in the local papers. That is usually an excellent spot to back the home team in need of a win, especially when they are facing a team that doesn’t have the same motivation.

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